Heather Swain offers her wealth of experience, foresight and resources, her sense of style and understanding of spatial relations, and her tasteful but pragmatic approach to living in order to simplify your life.

Are you planning to move or just trying to clean house? Do you need to pare down or rearrange your belongings for maximum convenience? Are extraneous possessions a burden? Heather has the skills and the solutions to address your needs and solve your problems.

She will help you sort through what you own, pack it away for relocation and/or storage or help you shed the belongings that no longer suit you through recycling or donation.

Drawing on her expertise in the arts, design, and hospitality fields, she has expertly packed up entire homes, or simply reconfigured furnishings in dwellings for the ultimate in use and comfort. She understands what it means for people to be in transition, she sees your situation as unique, and focuses, in a non-judgmental way, on moving you forward.

In addition to providing professional lifestyle consultation and home improvement for over a decade, Heather holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Field Studies from UC Berkeley.

She is also a painter, potter and photographer.