Getting ready to move from one home to another, prepping a house for sale, or simply seeking more functional living quarters?

Heather Swain is the experienced and reliable person to call. With her organizing skills, she can quickly and calmly assess virtually any situation, no matter how distressing. She’ll declutter, stage a space, and manage a move with efficiency and flexibility, while paying close attention to your needs.


Moves & Staging

Moving is one of the most stressful events we have to deal with in our lives and I know because I’ve helped all kinds of people in all kinds of situations for the past decade. Divorce, assisted living, a larger home, a smaller home, downsizing, upgrading, kids moving to college, parents getting older, there are many reasons for the transition.

Sure there are fabulous movers, but why not meet them where they are and hire them for what they do best; the heavy lifting. Leave the organization, planning and management of your move in my trusted hands. I know how to speak the “language” of movers and I also know how to streamline the process with efficiency so not only do you get your belongings to where they are going in one piece, but you get the best possible financial deal.

I consult, oversee, and space plan. I know how to distribute unwanted items so that you can recoup your investments if necessary. Free consultations!


“This year I was confronted with a multi-part organization/packing/moving problem. I had to move my elderly father into assisted living and then make his neglected home of thirty years habitable for myself and my daughter. Heather helped me clean, organize and rehab the entire house —a truly challenging job as my father was a heavy smoker as well as being incontinent and the house needed to be scoured from top to bottom. Heather helped with every aspect of that dirty job: cleaning, reimagining and reorganizing the space,working with contractors, sourcing and installing fixtures, and helping me make a myriad of aesthetic and practical choices–all within a limited budget. After the house was finished she then helped me pack and move, then got the house I had been living in staged and ready for sale. The sale on that house is pending, and I know I wouldn’t have gotten my full asking price had Heather not made it look so beautiful.

Heather is a tireless and energetic worker. Her vast range of knowledge and hands-on expertise made her invaluable to me in every phase of this complex project. Her upbeat, calm and positive nature kept me focused and optimistic in a very difficult and sometimes overwhelming time. I truly don’t know how I would have survived it all had Heather not been by my side, offering her expertise and support every step of the way. She is charming, capable, creative, compassionate and completely wonderful. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
– Erika Schickel, Los Angeles (2015)


Heather Swain offers her wealth of experience, foresight and resources, her sense of style and understanding of spatial relations, and her tasteful but pragmatic approach to living in order to simplify your life.

Are you planning to move or just trying to clean house? Do you need to pare down or rearrange your belongings for maximum convenience? Are extraneous possessions a burden? Heather has the skills and the solutions to address your needs and solve your problems.

She will help you sort through what you own, pack it away for relocation and/or storage or help you shed the belongings that no longer suit you through recycling or donation.

Drawing on her expertise in the arts, design, and hospitality fields, she has expertly packed up entire homes, or simply reconfigured furnishings in dwellings for the ultimate in use and comfort. She understands what it means for people to be in transition, she sees your situation as unique, and focuses, in a non-judgmental way, on moving you forward.

In addition to providing professional lifestyle consultation and home improvement for over a decade, Heather holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Field Studies from UC Berkeley.

She is also a painter, potter and photographer.



Framing Art

Buying art for a client’s apartment in San Francisco seemed like a piece of cake. Having worked with this family for 3 years in San Francisco and London, I know their style and budget. I had purchased their furniture for their San Francisco apartment over the course of a few months. It felt much more …