Putting things back in their place

I had a discussion with a friend about time. He was talking about how he couldn’t find something and I chimed in about the value of having a place for things and always factoring in the time after the chore to put it away. Sometimes folks tell me that they “don’t have the time” to put things away. That is just ludicrous. It’s a chicken and an egg situation. But I guarantee that you will save time if you rerun items to their rightful place.

I use what I call and “economy of motion” which I learned working in restaurants. The idea is to use as few steps as possible to get a lot done in a short amount of time. So for example is I’m going to have a snack while I read in the living room and I later need to use the restroom (which is near my kitchen) I’ll take any extra plates or cups with me and drop them in the kitchen on the way to the bath. I guess it’s a form of multi tasking but in the end it saves time and energy.

Going in to homes and seeing a chaotic mess shows me that the resident doesn’t implement this technique. They are too overwhelmed to even begin to deal with their mess. But it’s simple, just use the “economy of motion” method and you’ll never have chaos again.