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Heather Swain




Simply put, we will help you simplify your world by sorting through, packing up and redirecting your belongings, so that you can live with only the things that you need and/or are important to you. We take away the extraneous and the clutter to give you more focus, more time, more peace, and more happiness in your everyday life.


Moving ?

Let me help so that on moving day, you can be sipping champagne
instead of stressing in the midst of chaos. It can be done. Whether you're moving next month or in 3 months there is a way to approach the process with ease and gratitude.

Moving companies do pack but I pack with extreme care and prepare the house so that when moving day comes, the movers pick it up and go. Not carrying unwanted belongings to your next destination and having what you are taking totally ready, keeps costs down.


Spring cleaning?

I can help you feel lighter and more organized by working at a pace that doesn't feel overwhelming while addressing the issues.



I listen and am able to help you focus on what's important to you and what you can do without. I have several sources to distribute your unwanted things to places where people will be happy to have them. Recycling goods is a way to feel good about letting these once-useful objects find new appreciation with new people.


Moving an elderly parent?

Family situations can be touchy. I'm comfortable at mediating and negotiating even in the most tense situation. I can gently help older folks come to terms with parting with unneeded objects while keeping those valuables near in an orderly way.

Please don't hesitate to call with questions.